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“Thank you SO much!! It is beautiful!”

Tina F.

East Isles

“I am so excited about the colors. I feel fresh, modern and living up to my ‘interesting person’ standards.  I can’t believe how fast you are able to pick our colors; you really seem to embody the process; very right brain.”

Marci C.


“I’m aware almost daily how much more I enjoy my house because of colors I wouldn’t have considered on my own.”

Andrea P.


“We absolutely adore the color in the bedroom. It’s so soothing and such a vast improvement -- I can’t believe we waited this long! We’re still loving all the colors, up and down.”

Gabriela L.


“Good morning, Jeanne. I wanted to tell you how cool the hall color is; it looks different in every light and is quite soothing. Thanks for your help with it.”


Medicine Lake, MN

“Your attention to detail is so helpful. I appreciate how you validate my own instincts on color by explaining the enhancements they will make to the room. Thank you for brightening our lives!”

Jo & Russ

East Isles

“Thank you! We both love the color that matches the stone. I like the color so much, that I'm excited about choosing a new trim color too. You are brilliant! Now I really know what a talent you have!”

Kathy Q.S.


"Jeanne - I just can't tell you how much I love the color you chose for our house. It's hard to describe - the word that I have been using is "rich" - but that doesn't quite do it justice. It's - wonderful. Folks strolling by comment on how much they like it.... Our neighbors to the right adore it. And a neighbor from down the block has threatened to burn our house down because she is so jealous. What more could you ask?! Can't wait to see what our color genius picks out for the trim!"

Peter S.


“Jeanne, you are turning this new home for my client into a beautiful haven! I can tell by the detail and care you have given. Thanks for all that you are doing…I am going to refer you to future clients.”

Karen D.

Edina Realty