Colors are emotional triggers for all of us; with each of us responding uniquely and consistently to specific hues. Who has not experienced the warm embrace of a specific color, or the soothing; stay-a-spell effect of another? What about the  energizing; gotta-dance response that we get to being in certain spaces? Certainly color is always an important factor in achieving these results. Color is the first element that we take in upon viewing anything in our sight.


        And perhaps you have discovered that these color effects are not so easily achieved on your own. Have you ever experienced returning to the paint store again and again to purchase yet another quart, or gallon -- really hoping that this will finally be the one? Before invest in your surface materials, furnishings, lighting and paint, you may wish to consult with a certified color specialist. My goal is 100% satisfaction with your property’s color palette; singular colors that will be selected with your unique space and dreams in mind. I am happy to work with you alone or in conjunction with your architect/designer to represent your vision of color.

        Whether you’re redecorating your entire home, business, or refreshing one room, an on-site color consultation will save you both time and money.  When we start a project with a clear color palette in mind, then all of our selections, from fabrics, furnishings, tile, stone, wood stain, wallpaper and paint, become a breeze.

Or, if you simply wish to update and improve on what you currently own, we can tweak the existing elements of color to give your property a fresh new look.

        You can find out more about my approach and how I work with clients on the contact page.


Color Consultations for Residential &Commercial Properties

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