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One of my earliest memories is of being six years old when I asked my father, “What color should I get if I mixed all of the colors in the world?” You see, after several hours with my set of paints, I was afraid that I may have been holding the answer in my hands: A dull gray-brown that was beginning to crisp along the edges of the curling paper. This was an exceedingly disappointing result after struggling to mix each of my paintbox colors in equal and fair amounts. How could brown be the sum of all of this magic? Why brown, when mixing yellow & blue gave me green like the leaves? When red & white gave me pink like a rose? Could it be that the sum total of everything, the very answer to the puzzle of my universe -- was a humble mouse brown? It was time to ask an expert. I had just the guy in mind: My father the science teacher. He told me, “If you mixed all of the colors in the world you would get either black or white. It  depends on whether you are mixing pigments or light.”

                    “Huh?” I was shocked and confused.

                  Surely I must have a bad set of paints.

        However my father was not one to leave a science question unanswered. So out came the college text books with their diagrams and pictures as he explained to me about prisms, refraction, reflection, and wavelengths; how black and white are not really colors but the absence of all color in the case of pure theoretical black. How the presence of all colors gives us pure white. He tried to explain how our human experience of color “exists” in two different dimensions at the same time: In the wavelengths of light and the tactile objects around us that contain pigments & dyes.

        Furthermore, color does not really exist in the objects that we see. Rather it is experienced in our minds as the result of passing through our wonderful human eyes. This was all fascinating and heady stuff but I did not understand one word of it at the time. Yet I had received what I really needed to hear on that day: Colors were still magical beyond my understanding.

        Decades later, I appreciate the science well enough to know that it does not contain the magic. I am not the scientist that my father was. However, appreciating, manipulating, adapting and taming color is what I do well. 

                         Hence, the name colorbitchTM

In 2007, I started my residential color consulting business under Jeanne Gallaher Color Consulting.  In 2011, I repositioned my business as colorbitchTM expanding beyond residential property consultations to include commercial properties. My education includes post-graduate study of color science, art history, design trends and psychology.

        My approach, while grounded in the science of color, is wholeheartedly a holistic endeavor; I listen intently to each client’s likes and dislikes. I keep in mind current trends in color, without losing sight of the more enduring quality of each client’s personal preference. Lighting is also key; both natural and artificial light. In choosing every element of a color palette, I consider the orientation of the room’s windows to the sun as well as the various moods that interior lighting creates as day turns to night.

        How we approach a project depends upon your needs, but the real work begins the moment we meet at the project site. I will listen intently to your dreams and concerns regarding the space. What is the function of the space? What works for you? What doesn’t? What features do you wish to enhance, or diminish? From which objects, purposes, or concepts does the property derive it’s color inspiration? Whom else does the space serve? And when other interested parties cannot be present at our meeting, how shall we consider their input?

        Next, I will need a few minutes of quiet in your space while I consider color options, the adjacent spaces, lighting and so much more. Then together we will come up with a personalized color palette for your property or space, usually within an hour or two, but naturally dependent upon the scope of the project. I’ve done entire exteriors, complete interiors, and single rooms. Every project is unique. I am happy to answer all of your questions about my rates before we begin working together on solutions. 

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  1. Member, The Color Association of the United States, New York, 2007-present

  2. Color Specialist, FIT, New York 2006

  3. Masters, The University of Chicago 1985

  4. Bachelors, University of Minnesota 1982